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"Adhyayan” in Sanskrit and Hindi means “a comprehensive study & holistic approach clubbed with critical analysis” towards an issue.

Adhyayan Foundation for Policy and Research (AFPR) is an independent, not-for-profit research and educational organisation dedicated to producing quality research on all issues significant to our nation to further help in the formulation, assessment, and implementation of public policies that could transform lives. Our optimistic and enthusiastic team, unique work ethics, and innovative approach help us bridge the gap in policymaking for our country’s wholesome growth and development.

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AFPR under Project Rajaswala published a report on the status of menstrual hygiene and menstrual waste disposal, where we analyzed the current framework regulating menstrual health management and disposal of menstrual waste, in the nation, suggesting areas of improvement. AFPR focussed on what the Foundation itself can do in this regard.


We envisaged this initiative in our drive for the implementation of quality education to the children of economically weaker section (EWS) category in concurrence with invigorating free and compulsory education to every child for nurturing the youth and thus empowering society with the weapons of knowledge and learning.

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INTRODUCTION Amidst the rising tensions between China and Taiwan, the recent Taiwanese election had brought to light the Chinese disinformation campaign that was employed during the electoral process. This campaign aimed at distorting the political landscape and manipulating public opinion...

India is a growing nation in every sector from commercial to defense and requires a strong fleet for its protections. Transportation plays a vital role in nation building and security. On 30th October 2022 Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation...

India has a coastline of about 7,500 km and an exclusive economic zone of over 2 million sq km. It is endowed with abundant oceanic wealth, including a large number of island territories and vast seabed area. Over 97% of...