Webinar on “Ushering Modern India through Public Infrastructure”

Adhyayan Foundation for Policy and Research organized a successful webinar on “Ushering Modern India through Public Infrastructure” on 23rd January, 2021. This webinar focused upon how evolution of public infrastructure can help in development of India and the main objective of the foundation was to discuss the issues of modernization of existing plans and policies for the country pertaining to Public Infrastructure and development.

Our speaker Hon’ble Minister Dr. Gen. Vijay Kumar Singh has provided very fruitful information to all the attendees and made this webinar a great success for the foundation. Hon’ble Dr. Gen. V.K. Singh is presently serving as the Minister of State for Road Transport and Highways and is a former four-star General of the Indian Army who has served as the 24th Chief of Army Staff of India. His valiant and strategic roles in India-Pakistan War in 1971 and also his contributions in Operation Pawan are still widely appreciated. Our speaker discussed the various policies and plans and also gave worthy suggestions for the implementation of the same which not only encouraged the students to expand their knowledge towards the recent developments but also appealed to their active participation in presenting new reasoned suggestions and ideas. It was a very interactive session where all the attendees actively participated in the event which fulfilled the aim of conducting this webinar.

The webinar as an event proved to be successful in realizing its aim and vision along with various other activities and suggestions for the progression of public infrastructure along with illustrating the contribution in the development of India. Hon’ble speaker also appreciated the efforts and perspective of the organization that made this event worthwhile and also, in his beautiful words as testimonial, he blessed the organisation for a brighter future and a successful pathway ahead. The foundation is greatly overwhelmed by the tremendous support of our partners and participants as well. The webinar was concluded on a positive note with the vote of thanks to our Honourable speaker, members and participants for being an inseparable part of this webinar.