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Join our esteemed team as an intern and contribute to our research endeavors alongside experienced fellows and advisors. Utilize your research acumen, creativity, and adept communication skills to aid in various stages of our projects and play a pivotal role in shaping the larger policymaking landscape. Take this opportunity to gain valuable experience and make a tangible impact in your field.


Embark on a fulfilling journey as a Research Fellow with us, where you will spearhead research initiatives and craft insightful reports under the guidance of our honourable advisors. Additionally, play a pivotal role in mentoring and guiding interns within our organization to ensure the efficient functioning of our centers. Join our dynamic team and contribute to meaningful advancements in your field.

Campus Ambassador

Step into the role of a Campus Ambassador for our organization within your college community, serving as our esteemed representative on campus. Engage in our outreach programs and collaborate with us to identify and recruit top-tier interns. Join hands with us to foster a vibrant and mutually beneficial relationship between our organization and your college.

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