About Us

Research and Educational organization

Adhyayan Foundation for Policy & Research (AFPR) is a non-profit, research and educational organization (regd. as a NPC u/s 8 of the Companies Act, 1956) dedicated to producing quality research to facilitate the formulation, implementation and evaluation of public policies. We work with the objective of qualitative research on a wide range of issues concerning the nation. The major area of study includes economic issues, administrative efficiency, legal lacunas and international affairs. We strive towards bridging the gap in policy making and execution for the growth and development of our nation.

AFPR through its veteran board members, Fellows and Interns aims to address the dimensions of the society which are necessary for an all-inclusive development of the society. The centre by doing comprehensive studies and research on conflagrant issues ranging from economy to administrative efficiency and from ideological perspectives to international affairs, intends to find their action able solutions and the course of corollaries emerging from them with a view to make the society all inclusive, peaceful and sustainable. The organization intends to roll out concrete plans of execution on issues like Sustainable development, Good Governance, Political Studies, Economic Studies, Legal Studies, International Relations, and National Security, Strategic Studies & other similar issues.



To educate people on issues concerning the nation and its development


To facilitate innovative ideas and solutions to nation’s issues


To bridge gaps between different stakeholders for betterment