Recommendation Report for The Uttar Pradesh Population Bill, 2021

AFPR, with help of its advisors and academicians submitted a recommendation/ suggestion report to the State Law Commission, Uttar Pradesh for the Uttar Pradesh Population (control, stabilisation & welfare) Bill, 2021 on 19th July, 2021.

The government of Uttar Pradesh presented this bill before the general public and invited suggestions for the same on 11th July, 2021. Therefore, the organisation took this task in its’ own hand and read all the sections of the bill on the touchstone of the Constitution of India and general laws of morality, equity, and justice to all.

Our report not only suggested the amendments to the existing section of the bill but also, enumerated the views of academicians and general public to successfully implement this bill. Our advisors were more than contend to work on the same and presented a vision before the government along with certain amendments while checking the constitutionality of each section with their knowledge and experience they possess and also presented a diverse view from the respective field of study they belong.

Thus, with such guidance we proposed the recommendation report before the State Law Commission and we hope our suggestions would bring positive impact to the state legislation in successfully implementing the Population Policy for the state of Uttar Pradesh.