Vimarsh Podcast

We started a podcast; Vimarsh in Oct, 2020. As a leading Law and Policy Research not for profit think tank for students, academicians, professionals, lawyers and social activists as we often come across wise minds and people filled with motivation and a clearer perspective to do something for the real cause and help the government by doing an exhaustive research for the actual implementation and help in bridging the gap between public and policy. In order to give platform to such minds and ideas we started Vimarsh to spread awareness, knowledge and improve the quality of policy making along with active public participation.

The host for this podcast was Ms. Priyanshi Srivastava who is the Director of Research, AFPR and a CNLU Patna alumnus and the speaker for the first episode was Mr. Aradhya Sethia. He is an NLSIU Bangalore alumnus and is a PhD Candidate and Cambridge International Scholar at the University of Cambridge, where he is studying the role and regulation of political parties and party systems in modern constitutional states. He is also a Project Manager for the Cambridge Pro Bono Project. 

The first episode of Vimarsh was based around discussion on aspects of career in law and policy, education and prospects in studying abroad, partnership, Political Party funding and Policy Research. Keeping the current trend in mind and how social media and internet have a significant impact on the lives of people; another one of the topics discussed in the podcast was social media and its role in understanding a policy and its role as a means for spreading misinformation regarding a policy as well. Understanding these topics can help in tackling the problems pertaining to policy drafting and figuring out its nuances. Others similar episodes shall be released further to encourage discourse. 

There was also discussion on law education and how legal education in India can further improve; understanding its nature, obtaining scholarships, balancing education with part time jobs, studying abroad, whether or not to go for post-graduation, scope of legal research and policy in India, etc. The session was informative for law students and graduates who are looking forward to perusing higher education.