AFPR under Project Rajaswala published a report on the status of menstrual hygiene and menstrual waste disposal, where we analyzed the current framework regulating menstrual health management and disposal of menstrual waste, in the nation, suggesting areas of improvement. AFPR focussed on what the Foundation itself can do in this regard. We realized the need for this project in the wake of a dramatic increase in menstrual and pregnancy-related diseases caused to women practising unhealthy lifestyles, thus putting themselves and their future newborns at a greater risk. With this objective, our team worked in various districts, cities and rural households in collaboration with Schools and Village Panchayats, especially in rural and sub-urban areas, to promote menstrual hygiene by teaching healthy menstrual practices, the use of sanitary pads, and their benefits by providing sensitization regarding government facilities along with checking the implementation of government schemes and efforts at ground zero.